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Fitness and nutrition tips for your summer road trips!

Ahhh summertime... long days, gatherings and parties, time at the pool or lake, and road trips! But will those road trips mess with your fitness and nutrition goals? Check out some tips of the trade from Tami Bliss Fitness and get set for the best summer yet!

  1. Plan out your road trip and know where the stops will be. Are fast food or gas stations your only option? Make a choice on what you will order before you even hit the road.

  2. Pack some healthy, protein filled snacks. Remember that often times high protein snacks can also include high fat. Check to ensure it is healthy fat (unsaturated - polyunsaturated and monounsaturated). If it does have saturated fat, make it a goal to stay under 20 grams/day. That means being extra mindful when you make those pit stops at the gas station or fast food restaurant. Choose grilled chicken over deep fried, for example. Check out this website for protein-filled snack ideas on the road,-the-magical-fruit

  3. Log your food. It can be tedious; and it's easy to get into the mindset of, "I'm on vacation, I don't care". But logging can help you see where you may make choices that don't fit into your nutritional goals. Does that mean that if you know you'll be stopping at Buc-cees, you can't get your favorite Beaver Nuggets? NO!!! Just be mindful of your eating throughout the day. You can log on apps like My Fitness Pal, or as a client/member of my Trainerize app, you have free access to logging (and my watchful eye for accountability!). Check out my app here And for you who don't live in the south; Buc-cees is an amazing gas station (and Beaver Nuggets used to be my jam).

  4. While mapping out your road trip, plan in a few stops to get out and walk around, stretch, and enjoy the scenery every 1.5-2 hours. Every state has something beautiful to offer! Some great stretches for on the road can be gentle spinal rotation (rotate from side to side gently), quadricep stretch (pull your heel to your gluteal/backside), hamstring stretches (set feet about hip distance apart and bring your fingertips towards your toes), and neck stretches (rotate head from side to side and lean ears from one shoulder to the other). Keep that body happy on your drive and it will be beyond happy when you arrive!

Now go enjoy your summer!

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