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The Sandwich Generation

Back in graduate school, we discussed the sandwich generation in my Developmental Psychology class. I wasn't able to relate to it back in in my 20's.

In my 30's I started teaching Developmental Psychology at the University. Again, I remember thinking, "this feels so far away".

Yet here I am; in my late 40's and living in the "Sandwich Generation".

What does this term mean, exactly?

For most, it is a time of life when you have children and aging parents. These each represent the bread. The fillings like your veggies, proteins, cheeses, etc., would be work, marriage, finances, relationships, self-care, and everything else that comes at us during these years.

The key ingredient during this time is stress management and nurturing each of these relationships.

Now, that sentence alone up there can create stress, right? It can lead to feelings of guilt when we begin to fall behind on nurturing relationships.

My suggestion to anyone I speak with who is struggling during this time of life? Make self-care a top priority. Commit to 30-60 minutes a day of time for yourself.

More blogs to come on the Sandwich Generation and self-care. So stay tuned! But know that you are not alone and experts have labeled this time of life for a reason. I believe this makes us feel less alone during a time when we can feel very alone.

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